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Tap Roots Coffee Shop is hosting their first
Poetry Hour on Tuesday, June 19, 5-6 pm
for anyone interested in listening or sharing.

Losing our parents is a life-changing experience
that leaves us speechless.
Yet, poetry is one way to capture the
magnitude of our feelings during the years
it takes to find our own legs again.

This monthly event for Tap Roots is significantly
scheduled during June
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I remember the book series Slammed by Colleen Hoover wherein Will, one of the main characters, performed this poetry in front of many people and of course in front of Layken, his girlfriend. They both experienced the loss of a parents and leave with a responsibility of becoming a guardian to their younger brothers. These are the first few lines from the poem entitled Death:

Death. The only thing inevitable in life.
People don’t like to talk about death because
it makes them sad.
They don’t want to imagine how life will go on
without them,
all the people they love will briefly grieve
but continue to breathe.

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